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Ionia’s Own Cooperative Vacation Bible School

Join a Vacation Bible School (VBS) run by 8 churches from the Ionia, Michigan area. Ionia VBS is truly a joint effort driven by a love for local children and a desire to help them learn about Christ.

Hello fellow VBS aficionados,

After polling our leadership group this spring and hearing back from some of the churches, we are not going to hold VBS in 2021. This is due to 2 issues: the uncertainty of Covid and finances. 

We know now that things are opening up, but when we were talking about it couple of months ago that just wasn’t guaranteed. Given that the majority of outbreaks in the recent past came from a younger demographic, the possibility of another is greater if we hold the program this year. Granted, most youngsters don’t have nearly the difficulty of us older folks when it comes to having the illness, but still. It was a concern. 

The bigger reason though, and the reason why the program has been paused, is finances. When we finished VBS in 2019 we had spent through pretty much all of our account. Fundraising was planned for early 2020, but that was nixed with all of the shutdowns.

Churches also have tighter budgets after such a rough year, and it didn’t seem like a good plan to stress them further asking for money for VBS. 

So. The plan is to hold some fundraising effort(s) later this year and start up again in 2022. It’s awful to miss another summer together, but my hope is that we can build a program that is really strong going forward. 

I hope you have a wonderful summer. As a reminder we made a big effort last year and created a virtual VBS. That program is still available on our website. If someone wants craft materials, those are still assembled and available. Simply reply to this message and we can arrange delivery. 

Amy LeForge
VBS Director

Our VBS. Our kids.

Our Community

Ionia Community VBS has been just that: a community, for more than 20 years.  Every summer, kids join us to sing, dance, play messy games, and learn about how much God loves them.  This year’s theme is Never Alone: God is ALWAYS There.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, VBS is virtual this year.  We will post links to playlists of videos on YouTube for our program.  



Great Singing

We open and close with music!  With the opportunity to get up on stage and dance along, this is a favorite part of VBS

Imagination Station

Kids join in on fun and amazing science experiments to learn more about the lesson of each day


Games!  We get loud, wet, and sometimes dirty (be sure to send your child in appropriate clothes).  Everyone loves a game

Bible Adventure

A different guest storyteller joins us each evening to share great adventures from the Bible