Job Descriptions

There are so many different (and important) jobs at VBS! 

Crew Leaders

Crew leaders are the most important people at VBS! As a crew leader, you shepherd a small group of children to each station every evening. Crew leaders are there to have fun and be encouraging as they lead.

Station Leaders

Sing & Play Express

  • The Sing & Play Express Leader introduces the Bible Point,
    key Bible verse, and Bible Memory Buddy each day.
  • Each day, kids sing the Rocky Railway theme song, “Your
    Power Will Pull Us Through,” which connects with the daily
    Bible Points. In addition to fun praise songs, kids sing at
    least one song each day that specifically ties to that day’s
    Bible Point.
  • Each day, Crew members discuss their God Sightings as a
    reminder that God is at work and God is good every day!

Bible Adventures

  • The Bible Adventures Leader repeats the Bible Point
    each day.
  • Kids experience the daily Bible story in a hands-on way.
  • Crew Leaders guide small-group discussions where kids
    connect their unforgettable Bible experiences to real life
Chew Chew Snacks

  • Kids take turns throughout the week leading from a
    handout to guide a fun food experience. Each day’s snack
    experience connects to the key Bible verse and the daily
    Point. Preschool Crews get their own, age-appropriate
    version of the handout and snack experience.
  • While Crews eat, they’ll use fun activities  to help everyone get to know each other better.
    It’s time meant for befriending and gives kids some relaxed space to really download all they’re learning
    each day.

Imagination Station

  • The Imagination Station Leader repeats the Bible Point
    each day.
  • Kids dive into exciting experiments that connect to the
    day’s Bible story and Point.
  • The Imagination Station Leader may give each child a
    Sciency-Fun Gizmo to take home to keep the imaginative fun and
    learning going at home with family!

Loco Motion Games

  • The Loco Motion Games Leader repeats the Bible Point
    each day and offers an introduction to our local mission project for the week.
  • Kids play games that connect with the daily Bible Point.
    Each day there are three fun game options to choose
  • Kids listen to Sing & Play Express songs as they
    play games.

Rocky Wrap-Up

  • The Rocky Wrap-Up Leader repeats the Bible Point
    each day.
  • Kids sing the Sing & Play Express songs they’ve learned
    that day.
  • The Rocky Wrap-Up Leader uses drama experiences and
    engaging object lessons to help kids apply what they’ve
    learned throughout the day.

Ministry Support

Background Checks

In order to keep our kids safe, our background check coordinator makes sure that all volunteers have undergone a criminal background check.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator organizes assignments for volunteers and makes sure that all positions are filled nightly. The coordinator is also a go-to person in the event of any help a volunteer might need at VBS.


Our registration leader makes sure that all children are properly signed up and assigned to crews. If a child wants to switch crews, ALL changes are approved by the registration coordinator. It is important to know where all children are while at VBS.